Did President Obama Order Character, and Career, Assassinations on U.S. Reporters, and Voters, out of Pure Spite and Vindictiveness?

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Did President Obama Order Character, and Career, Assassinations on U.S. Reporters, and Voters, out of Pure Spite and Vindictiveness?




A famous CBS reporter says he did. Over 200 other reporters say he did, too.




A well-known technology applicant for the Department of Energy Cleantech funds says he did. Over 44 other applicants, for the same fund, say he did, too; to protect his campaign kick-backs.




Mitt Romney says he did. 29 other presidential candidates say he did, too.




Edward Snowden says he did. Julian Assange and over 29 other witnesses says he did, too.




It is a fact that these people, who simply competed against Obama’s financiers, and their stock holdings, had hit-jobs put on them that were so complex, extensive, costly and militarily executed, that they could only have been undertaken by a State organization.




How can any American trust the President of the nation that is supposed to stand for righteousness and goodness, in the world, when that President stoops to such low-ball, infantile, divisive, potentially criminal behaviors?




With 2016 Presidential candidates openly proclaiming that “Obama screwed us all”, and getting broad voter agreement, it is time to reveal the truth about the West Wing. It is a corrupt, petty, cesspool of kick-back organizers, payola wranglers and crony palm-greasers! Their gutter tactics have given them comfort in attacking their own constituents, using federal resources, for even the most petty perceived slight.




Have you noticed that West Wing firings, and job resignations, have broken a record for turn-over? The West Wing was once the most desired job in the world. Now it is the place you rush to get away from, before the stink embeds itself too deeply in your skin.




Apparently, the White House hacked U.S. citizens computers in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angles, Dallas and many other hometowns across America. These were not people who said nothing in favor of Islam. They were meat-eating, red-blooded, blue-collar folks who simply questioned Obama’s intentions. BANG, they got a hit job.




They had their jobs sabotaged; Their disability benefits sabotaged; Their brand names destroyed; Their career databases manipulated; Their credit scores jammed up; Their pensions dissolved; Their bank ratings crashed; Their mortgages called; Their cars mysteriously wrecked; Their websites re-routed; Viruses planted on their devices; Their phones and tablets made to spy on them; Their Amazon.com orders opened up and bugged before they shipped; Their Twitter accounts closed; Honey Traps sent to them and, much, much more…




It is not possible for this kind of attack to have taken place without State-Level support.




Many Senators are saying that “Obama was a tool”. Putin says this overtly. Every candidate running for President is now saying it. They say that Rahm Emanual, David Axelrod, Bill Daly, and the rest, just talked him into running in order to uses his speech skills to fabricate epic kick-back schemes back to Silicon Valley.




The theory is that Obama, who only finds out about things when “he reads about it in the paper” only had one resource he could personally control: A small part of the CIA and the NSA. Even they didn’t like him (because nobody at the Pentagon liked him.)




He used the spy contractors to attack citizens that offended him. He used them egregiously, with impunity, in violation of moral, Constitutional and implicit code.








Did President Obama Put A Hit Job On Us?




Reporters, senators, agency staff and investigators, keep telling me that President Obama ordered a hit job on me, personally, and my team-mates.




That sounds problematic.




I didn’t believe it, at first, but then: Lois Lerner; email leaks; subpoenas; WikiLeaks; network news exposes; whistle-blowers; Etc. happened. Now, it kind of makes me go “hmmmmmm”?




So, I was working along at my job on the healthcare system (My part was working perfectly and has yet to fail) and then somebody, with tremendous resources, called my boss and got me fired without any credible explanation. That was harsh. We found out later it was in punishment for cooperating with federal corruption investigators during my previous job.




Then, my email was hacked. The DNS routing internet direction system to all of my websites was re-routed. My Paypal and credit system was interrupted. The HR databases were embedded with reports of arrests that never took place (I have never been arrested) in order to prevent future job opportunities. A federal organization contacted me, under pretext, and then stole one of my team’s products, copied it and flooded the market with their copy, in order to prevent sales by our group. Someone manipulated the court system when we tried to sue.




Federal laws that affected the income that we made, were changed, in a way that cut off that income. Federal contracts and offers were illegally terminated by orders from “someone” at the White House, according to investigators. Our arch competitor was handed all of the money that we were suddenly cut off from. Ironically, he happened to be one of the White House’s biggest financiers.




There are quite a few other examples of “the hit job”. The very slow federal law enforcement have all of the evidence proving that these attacks took place. The proof is irrefutable. The “whodunnit” is still a bit murky but every keeps telling me it was The Big Guy. We turned in very clear evidence and reporters, and private eye’s, keep bring us even more proof.




I hope it wasn’t him because, aside from it being a felony, a violation of the U.S. Constitution, and just plain awful; it would also be shocking, to me personally, because I worked on his campaign and dated one of Hillary Clinton’s best friends. Yep, I used to roll with the “Greenies” before I saw how evil some of them can be.




Not now, though. I have seen, and experienced, back-stabbing crooked Senators and dirty campaign tactics like nobody’s business. I have witnessed U.S. Senators get handcuffs slapped on them, as they got hauled off to prison. I saw the senior head of the Obamacare software build: James Brown Jr., get handcuffs slapped on him as he got hauled off for running racketeering operations inside the HHS center.




The other sad thing is, I have now met many, many people who have gone through the same thing. Retribution seems to be the order of the day for the current Administration. If you’re a VA, DOD, or HHS staffer who reports a crime, be wary. The news is rife with retribution reports.




All of the evidence, fingers, whistle-blowers and reporters keep pointing back to the same office.


It is, now, well known that the Obama Administration puts hit-jobs on reporters, which it does not like. Now, though, everybody, from big time wrestler Hulk Hogan, to minor administrative aides at Ford and Sandia, to a nobody like me, also rate a vendetta take-down. What have we come to, in this country?


Now a lot of reporters have warned me that The President will say: “Oh, it was Clapper, he was out of control..”, or “It was that damn Axelrod, he went overboard” Or, “Gibbs was overzealous..”, but they were his employees. He is their boss.




So, Big O, I am asking you to your face: “Why did you do this to us?”Was it because we built a better thing than your campaign billionaire, and he ordered the hit on us? Even if that is true, when a moneybags creep orders you to do something illegal, or corrupt, you are not supposed to do it! you do know that, right?




That was not a rhetorical question. I want an answer!




I have mailed the President and called him. I am waiting for his answer. I have arranged with my family, and friends, to follow up on getting this answer, no matter what happens.




He really kind of owes us one.






How White House Staff Put Hit-Jobs on Domestic American Business Competitors on Orders from Silicon Valley Campaign Financiers




Silicon Valley billionaires John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk and Steve Jurvetson told White House senior officials Rahm Emanual, David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs and Bill Daley to “take-out” American companies, individuals and organizations that got in their way.


West Wing staff used Sidney Blumenthal to coordinate media character assassinations through their control of Gawker Media, Media Matters, New America Foundation, In-Q-Tel and Think Progress. Everyone from a CBS Reporter, to an energy company, to a writer, to a book publisher, to a financial analyst, and on and on; got savaged by these attacks. People’s lives, careers, brands, income, home-ownerships, jobs and worlds were destroyed because of the capricious arrogance and smug self-involvement of a few wealthy elitists who were offended by anything that touched their golden bubble.


The attacks did not stop with mere media “hatchet jobs”. The IRS was used as a weapon. The Lois Lerner case is now in the history books as one of the most audacious uses of a federal agency for domestic hit-jobs on average American citizens, ever discovered.


The world heard about White House attack-dogs like Richard Berman, and Sidney Blumenthal, from the Monica Lewinsky case. Blumenthal was charged with discrediting Lewinsky so her statements would have less impact on Bill Clinton’s political career.


Hacking, email and voice mail deletion, website re-direction to fake websites, floods of fake web traffic (in order to kill your web business) and other malicious acts were all on the table.


Monica Lewinksy, Cheryl Attkisson, and other well-known names, have openly discussed the attacks on them, but, it turns out, there were thousands more.


These, massive, organized attacks, on non-terrorist, average, domestic U.S. citizens leaves the public scratching their heads. Why would the highest office, in the nation, stoop to the lowest forms of aggression and dirty deeds?


One possible answer lies in a previous history lesson. During the reign of FDR as President, JP Morgan attempted to take over the U.S. Government in a case known as the “Business Plot”. A highly decorated U.S. Marine hero, named Smedley Butler, exposed the plot and helped get it shut down. At the time, if the plot had succeeded, it would have been one of the largest business crimes in history. (Websearch: “Smedley Butler and the Business Plot”)


Something similar may have been what broke the Obama Administration.


Just before Obama got in the Presidential game, Goldman Sachs and Silicon Valley pitched the idea that there was “a trillion dollars of electric car lithium in Afghanistan” and that “Afghanistan was the Saudi Arabia of lithium”. (Websearch those phrases).


Silicon Valley billionaires traded exclusive federal contracts, supposedly worth trillions of dollars, for the market monopoly for the mining deals for their solar panels and electric cars. In this deal; Obama, Reid & Feinstein got all the campaign cash they needed, and all the search engine manipulation they needed, in order to win their elections. In exchange, Steven Chu, and his corrupted Department of Energy, gave John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk and Steve Jurvetson the monopolies on electric cars, solar and all of the “green-washed” “Cleantech” markets.


So that’s a lot of crime. Stock market manipulation, bribes, rigged loans and Department of Energy funding, kick-backs..that all sounds pretty bad.


The White House-rs, and billionaires, must have figured: “in for a penny, in for a pound” and decided to just go all the way on the whole crime thing.


It is hard to keep a big crime quiet, generally. In Washington DC, it is impossible. There will always be an opposition party that wants your crime exposed. The naïve Silicon Valley newbie DC manipulators did not do a very good job at being covert corruptors.


The whole thing just went from bad, to worse. That “one more” little hit-job on an Attkisson suddenly needed “one more” little hit job on an SEC investigator, and then…”oops”, now this other reporter found out: “Take them out too”… It escalated rapidly. Fear makes bad guys do worse things, but more stupidly.


So, to fund campaigns, the “Cleantech Crash” (See the 60 Minutes episode of the same title) was caused. This, either, accidently, took place at the start of “The Age of Transparency”, initiated by Snowden, Asssange, Manning, HSBC, Chinese OPM hack, Sony Leaks, or, it caused the leaks to get generated because of the audacity of the crimes. We may never know.


In any case, now everybody has everything on everybody. The world is sifting through all of the behind-the-scenes emails, and things are getting a view in a new light.


Over 45 people have had to quit the Obama Administration, at the peak of their careers, when they got caught. It is now quite obvious who was dirty in the deal. Still, though, the newer press and Blumenthal-inspired West Wing hit-men persist in following in the steps of their hatchet-men predecessors.


Congress knows who each, and every, one of them are. They are zero-ing in on the dirty tricks teams because they have destroyed the credibility of the U.S. political system and ground Washington productivity to a halt. Targeting Hulk Hogan and Rick Santorum for political hit jobs by Gawker Media may make for fun tabloid times, but those simpleton attacks do nothing to move U.S. public policy productivity forward.


The Sony hack revealed that one of the largest companies in the world was run by petulant, whining, children who threw tantrums if someone looked sideways at their toy shovel in the sandbox. The White House appears to have the same MO. The TV Show “West Wing” sought to portray a noble, moral, enlightened White House. The reality of the recent news, and expose’s, reveals a White House full of vindictive, bitter, school-children who would rather attack those who speak up, deliver digital retribution from on high and empower monopolies for Silicon Valley buddies, no matter what the cost to the rest of America.




Vance Leland


(Opinion Piece)








Congressional, News & Private Investigators have now proven that Administration Officials used Federal Agencies to put “Hit-Jobs” on members of the American Public that the Administration did not like. The IRS was used to attack ideological adversaries, the Department of Energy was used to attack business competitors of the Administrations campaign financiers. The White House Press Office was used to seed character assassination articles in the media, via associated front-tabloids and organizations.



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