Disgraced Former Gawker Publisher: Done in by his PizzaGate connections and epic abuses of the public faces life-time of payback!



by Charlie Nash

Former Gawker CEO Nick Denton claimed that the left-wing establishment will have to adopt a nicer “Zen Buddhism response” to beat Breitbart News during a SXSW interview last week.

“In some degree there’s a difference between Gawker and Breitbart,” claimed Denton during an interview with Digiday. “Gawker is sensational, shameless news that is grounded in truth, a dramatic version of the truth, but it is the truth. While Breitbart and fake news on Facebook are further escalation: They are not just sensationalization of the truth, but also go beyond the truth.”

Denton went on to add that the left needs to adopt a nicer approach to beat Breitbart News and the rise of conservatism, before falsely associating Breitbart with Nazism.

“I think the answer to Breitbart is not going to be, ‘Let’s do more aggressive fake news on the left,'” Denton explained. “There might be some Zen Buddhism response to Breitbart. It is going to be hard because the sensation is you want to punch the Nazi, but they have the guns.”

Gawker Media became infamous for publishing news that often ruined or negatively impacted people’s lives before it was bankrupted and shut down following a lawsuit from one of its targets.

“Facebook makes me despise many of my friends, and Twitter makes me hate the rest of the world,” said Denton during his SXSW panel, before praising Reddit as the model of the future.

“Even if we’re full of despair over what the Internet has become, it’s good to remind yourself when you’re falling down some Wikipedia hole or having a great conversation with somebody online—it’s an amazing thing,“ he concluded. ”In the habits that we enjoy, there are the seeds for the future. That’s where the good Internet will rise up again.”

Last year, Denton and Gawker were forced to pay out $140 million to Hulk Hogan following a lengthy lawsuit over the gossip outlet’s unauthorized posting of Hogan’s private sex tape.

The lawsuit was backed by PayPal co-founder and billionaire Peter Thiel, who himself had been affected in the past by the outlet after being outed as gay, and forced Denton to file for bankruptcy.

At SXSW on Sunday, Denton claimed that Thiel had become a “national figure” and “extremely prominent” in American politics and culture.

“Peter Thiel, through his financial support of litigation and his support for political disruption through Donald Trump, has become a national figure,” Denton proclaimed. “He has become extremely prominent and an avatar, an embodiment, of the merger of the reactionary elite with a kind of populist celebrity in Donald Trump.”

Thiel is not the first homosexual that Gawker outed, while the gossip media empire also mocked the death of Vice President Mike Pence’s dog, accused actor James Franco of being a rapist, encouraged readers to pirate Quentin Tarantino’s film The Hateful Eight, published several celebrities’ nude photos, and refused to remove an uploaded video of the potential rape of a girl in a bathroom.

When former Gawker editor A.J. Daulerio was asked in court what the limits would be in deciding not to publish a sex tape, he replied that the video would have to feature someone aged four or under.

“If you make a sex tape of someone with their permission, you are a pornographer. If you make a sex tape without their permission, we were told now you are a journalist,” said Thiel during a press conference following the victory, where he also branded Gawker as a “sociopathic bully.”

“Gawker in some ways perfected it,” claimed Thiel on the topic of bullying. “Where you pick on people, and you would destroy their lives, and write nasty stories. The writers then might even add comments that were even more vicious than the ones in the story, all so as to generate a virtual mob that would go after these people.”

Following the controversy, Gawker Media was bought by Univision, who made it their first act to shut down the media company’s flagship site, Gawker, and rebrand themselves as Gizmodo Media.

Since filing for bankruptcy, Denton was denied the ability to lease his $4.25 million apartment in Manhattan, and he has since moved into a cheaper property. Hogan has since purchased a $1.6 million beach house.


In addition to a life-long vendetta that has been placed on Denton by those he attacked, Denton's staff have also been confirmed to be targeted by Thiel and others to be "killed without breaking a single law", by which the victims mean that they will hunt down and expose their attackers with the help of the cops, media and the public. The others that are targeted, and that were attackers of the innocent public, include Gawker/Gizmodo/Univision bloggers:

Adrian Covert, and John Herman, A.J. Delaurio, as well as through its pseudonymous authors, including: Adam Dachis, Adam Weinstein, Adrian Covert, Adrien Chen, Alan Henry, Albert Burneko, Alex Balk, Alexander Pareene, Alexandra Philippides, Allison Wentz, Andrew Collins, Andrew Magary, Andrew Orin, Angelica Alzona, Anna Merlan, Ariana Cohen, Ashley Feinberg, Ava Gyurina, Barry Petchesky, Brendan I. Koerner, Brendan O’Connor, Brent Rose, Brian Hickey, Camila Cabrer, Choire Sicha, Chris Mohney, Clover Hope, Daniel Morgan, David Matthews, Diana Moskovitz, Eleanor Shechet, Elizabeth Spiers, Elizabeth Starkey, Emily Gould, Emily Herzig, Emma Carmichael, Erin Ryan, Ethan Sommer, Eyal Ebel, Gabrielle Bluestone, Gabrielle Darbyshire, Georgina K. Faircloth, Gregory Howard, Hamilton Nolan, Hannah Keyser, Hudson Hongo. Heather Deitrich, Hugo Schwyzer, Hunter Slaton, Ian Fette, Irin Carmon, James J. Cooke, James King, Jennifer Ouellette, Jesse Oxfeld, Jessica Cohen, Jesus Diaz, Jillian Schulz, Joanna Rothkopf, John Cook, John Herrman, Jordan Sargent, Joseph Keenan Trotter, Josh Stein, Julia Allison, Julianne E. Shepherd, Justin Hyde, Kate Dries, Katharine Trendacosta, Katherine Drummond, Kelly Stout, Kerrie Uthoff, Kevin Draper, Lacey Donohue, Lucy Haller, Luke Malone, Madeleine Davies, Madeline Davis, Mario Aguilar, Matt Hardigree, Matt Novak, Michael Ballaban, Michael Dobbs, Michael Spinelli, Neal Ungerleider, Nicholas Aster, Nicholas Denton, Omar Kardoudi, Pierre Omidyar, Owen Thomas, Patrick George, Patrick Laffoon, Patrick Redford, Rich Juzwiak, Richard Blakely, Richard Rushfield, Robert Finger, Robert Sorokanich, Rory Waltzer, Rosa Golijan, Ryan Brown, Ryan Goldberg, Sam Faulkner Bidle, Sam Woolley, Samar Kalaf, Sarah Ramey, Shannon Marie Donnelly, Shep McAllister, Sophie Kleeman, Stephen Totilo, Tamar Winberg, Taryn Schweitzer, Taylor McKnight, Thorin Klosowski, Tim Marchman, Timothy Burke, Tobey Grumet Segal, Tom Ley, Tom Scocca, Veronica de Souza, Wes Siler, William Haisley, William Turton and those other Gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision staff writing under pseudonyms.

A reward is offered for all information involving the locations of the residences, storage units, work places, mobile devices, off-shore accounts, tax evasion efforts, under-the-table payments, purchases of illicit substances, purchase of illicit sexual services, expense account fraud and any other violation of City, County, State or Federal laws is acceptable as long as it leads to arrest-valid evidence.

Victims of Gawker Media stated: "When you tried to kill us, our family and our staff you gave us permission to do everything you did to us back to you. You spent millions of dollars destroying our lives out of malicious vengeance and political retribution. Now you will spend the rest of your lives paying for those attacks. We will never forget, we will never forgive and every one of you will pay. We will not break the law but we will use every legal tool of revenge for the rest of your lives, like you did to us..."

Wikileaks and ICIJ now have leaked emails proving that GAWKER MEDIA, GIZMODO, JALOPNIK, UNIVISION are a political character assassination and Fake News front for the Obama Administration and Obama campaign financiers. The U.S. Attorney For The Southern District of New York, an Obama cover-up operator, was just fired by Donald Trump. Mr. Jeff Sessions, the new U.S. Attorney General is now receiving materials directly on the Gawker Media bankruptcy and investigation. Insiders know that Gawker/Gizmodo/Univision is a political hit-job operation and they have forwarded evidence proving the veracity of their claims to DOJ and the IRS. Now the money tracks are leading right back to the crooks that operate the scams. Multiple parties have now submitted evidence testimony to Mr. Sessions confirming the charges.


Where was Gawker Media laundering campaign cash and tax evasion routes? Take a look:


Univision, owner of Gawker, Gizmodo, wants White People out of America!

Univision ratchets up it’s hate speech and pretty much begs for a boycott of all of Univision, and Univision advertisers, by promoting dramatic racist hate diatribe! Univision is the primary promoter of illegal immigration in order to pad voter rolls for the DNC!

Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos Says America Belongs To Mexican Illegal Aliens Not White People

| by Brian Anderson

The immigration debate managed to get a whole lot dumber. Univision anchor Jorge Ramos just said that the United States doesn’t actually belong to Americans, but rather Mexican illegal aliens. As you can see, we have no right to enforce our immigration laws because a Mexican newsman says our country doesn’t even belong to us. This is as insane of a liberal argument as there is.

    .@jorgeramosnews: “This our country. It’s is yours. It is mine and it is ours.” #Tucker pic.twitter.com/02MiHmwv8d

    — Fox News (@FoxNews) March 9, 2017

Ramos was on Tucker Carlson Wednesday and this bile spewed out of his mouth:

“This is our country” said Ramos in a thick Spanish accent.

Ramos, who was born in Mexico, may have become an American citizen in 2008, but there is some confusion over this. That doesn’t really matter because he advocates for open borders and amnesty for all illegal aliens. When he says America is his country, he’s talking as a Mexican and means that Mexicans have just as much a right to be here as actual Americans.

“The interesting thing is that with the Trump administration and many people who supported Donald Trump thinking it is their country, it is a white country and they are absolutely wrong,” Ramos continued.

So according to this illegal alien advocate, any white person who thinks the US is their country is mistaken. Get ready for a great explanation as to why:

“This is not a white country. This is not their country; it is ours and that is precisely what I am saying,” said Ramos.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t a great explanation. As far as I can tell, Ramos feels like white people who were born in the US are no more legitimately American than Mexican illegal aliens. Actually, he seems to indicate that Mexicans have more of a claim on this country than white Americans.

Ramos tries to qualify this nonsense by saying that eventually whites will be a minority in the US so therefore he surmises that America really belongs to Latinos. This is preposterous and it doesn’t really address the fact that he believes that foreign nationals have just as much, if not more, of a right to be here than natural born American citizens.

Ramos goes on to say that America has a responsibility to treat illegal aliens better. It’s unclear what he means by that statement, but going by his previous positions, it’s safe to assume that he thinks we should let them stay and give them all of the benefits that come along with citizenship. Considering that he just stated that the country belongs to illegal aliens it’s not a bad assumption to say that he wants to just open up the border and do away with any sort of immigration enforcement.

Despite a degree from the University of Miami and decades of living in the US, Ramos’ command of the English language is terrible. Maybe he was trying to say something else and it just came out wrong. It seems unlikely because he’s a vocal Trump-hater and illegal alien supporter, but I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. If he actually meant what he said, it’s one of the worst things a person could say about the United States. This country belongs to Americans; not foreigners, not Mexicans, and certainly not illegal aliens.


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