Is Elon Musk Behind The Russian Plan to Project “I Love Lucy” episodes on The Moon?

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Is Elon Musk Behind The Russian Plan to Project “I Love Lucy” episodes on The Moon?

By Eldridge Foster – GVN

Imagine that you step outside on a crisp winter evening to catch a glimpse of the faintest sliver of the waning moon.

Instead of seeing the thin curved sliver of white light you expected to see in the sky, you discover comedy star Lucille Ball waving her arms around from a glowing green orb in space where the moon should be…HUH!?

Thank those crazy Russians.

Combining Cold War left-overs, many huge lasers, farms of brain-wave scanning mirrors and the internet, those try-anything Russians are preparing to beam television shows onto the Moon and use the entire Earth-facing side of The Moon as a projection screen.

The plan would have you turn to an internet radio station to hear the soundtrack in any one of over 50 world languages.

On a night when the Moon is the darkest on the Earth-side, the shows would begin.

Currently the plan calls for the use of Green lasers but scientists say that full-color Moon-Vision is possible with just a few more resources.

It gets weirder.

After the first Moon-Casts, the scientists plan to beam a series of shows to the Moon’s surface at the same time. They will be “multi-plexed” within a series of laser beams so as to create many channels. By pointing your phone or a cheap plastic device at the Moon, you will be able to select which show you want to watch.

While not as simple as turning on your cable TV, the visionaries feel that it will add broadcasting options to billions of people in poorer regions of the world.

Shooting a laser at the Moon is nothing new. Getting an image on the Moon big enough to see from Earth will be a history making first. One laser won’t do the job. You need many, many, big lasers that each project a small segment of the screen image. They must all be perfect synchronized or the image becomes pixelated.

Will we be seeing ads on the Moon for Russian Vodka and a smiling image of Putin waving back at us?
Who knows?

On a clear night most people have been able to see great detail on the Moon with the naked eye. The idea could work. Northern Russia has enough waste-land to build huge gadgets like this and Russian scientists are renown for trying weird crap.


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