Main Stream Public Now Wearing Body Cams. Urban consumer body cams selling like mad!

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Main Stream Public Now Wearing Body Cams. Urban consumer body cams selling like mad!

They are called button-hole cameras, fountain pen cameras and personal cams.

You can download dozens of apps that turn your cell phone into a secret body cam. That cell phone sticking out of a shirt pocket or facing outwards on a belt holster is also now a body cam.

Personal pocket drones are now remote body cams that record back to your cell phone.

The Spy Shop-type retail stores are having a hard time keeping up with orders in urban settings.

Ebay sales of button hole cameras, personal security cameras and Go-Pro cameras are at an all time high.

Many police officers are now doing two things, in sequence: drawing their guns and turning off their body cams. The Department of Justice is reviewing a new law which would make it a felony to turn off a police body cam and would also require all police body cams to have no off switch and to record to the Cloud. Many citizens groups have increased demands on DOJ to require body cams that can’t be turned off.

Until the body cam “turn off issue” gets resolved, the public has taken matters into their own hands.

The new packing list for protesters starts with: “Hoodie, Googles, body cam….”

Many a regular protester now has their own live video streaming USTREAM channel. During the Ferguson riots, the most watched news media was from a live streaming protestor in the middle of the riots.

The Russians got it started with the vehicle dash camera craze. Russians can barely get car insurance so they started using their own dash cams. They bought so many of them that Russian Dash cams became very low cost. Now Americans are buying the cheap dash-cams.

Button Hole cameras and campaign button cameras are rapidly dropping in price. Asia consumer electronic knock off fabricators have just released high volumes of super cheap personal consumer body cam chips and printed circuit boards that are only a few bucks, in volume.

Go on Ebay and, in the search window, type “Body cam”, “Button hole cam”, “dash cam” or “personal body cam” and look at the amazing array of options.

The trend seems to be: “You surveil us, we surveil you”

High ticket human rights groups are ordering volumes of body cams to give to Syrian refugees who have not been able to escape the region. Refugee airplane drops of food, water and clothing will soon include zip lock bags with mini body cams in them.

Privacy rights activists are torn. On one hand they hate the additional surveillance. On the other hand they recognize the obvious advantage in having the public record abuses.

Silicon Valley loves it because it creates more internet content. Some entrepreneurs are working on cloud-based human rights archives and public interest websites for the uploading of public safety body cam videos.

Are you part of the public body cam revolution or are you against body cams and dash-cams?


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