The Consequences of Being Elon Musk

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The Consequences of Being Elon Musk

Recently, investigation documents have been emerging, regarding a potential criminal investigation of Elon Musk.

A glut of expose news articles have come out about the dark side of Musk, including:


Some of the news articles have been implying, that they believe that Musk is a “lying sociopath” who uses “a Silicon Valley network of campaign manipulators to create government funding kick-back schemes”. While their arguments in support of this may have merit, It is really up to the FBI, the AG and other law enforcement agencies to deliver the final verdict.

In one intriguing report, the following issues are enumerated.


          All of his efforts involved the exploitation of lithium mining deals which were controlled by DOE insider-connected awardees. Tesla cars used lithium batteries, Nevada factory was to manufacture lithium batteries, Solar City was to store energy in lithium,  Space X space systems used lithium systems

          Tesla and FBI-raided Solyndra sat on the same land, had the same conflicts of interest in management and operations and were funding-promoted by the same people

          Musk went to Russia to coordinate deals with many of the same people that are conflicted with many of the other parties herein and have ties to related illicit mining deals

          Musk lied about who ordered the NHTSA safety investigation into the Tesla car fires. It was the NHTSA, and not Musk, who wanted the safety investigation started. The investigation was never completed because Musk & Tesla paid cash to get it halted in exchange for mounting a cosmetic PR-mitigation ballistic explosion shield on the bottom of the car.

          Senators Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid had stock ownership, staffing provision services relationships, construction company ownership, leasing company ownership, insider trading arrangements, public policy ownership, supplier ownership, property ownership, tax haven options and many other conflicts of interest between themselves and Musk

          Musk has stated, on record, that Tesla’s have had “no recalls”, in fact they have had many recalls, at least two for fires and explosions. 

          Multiple main-stream, and independent news journals have published analysis of Musk’s financial

          Musk’s battery partner: Panasonic, has been publicly charged, by state agencies, with corruption, racketeering, dumping, employee deaths and other illicit activities

          Elon Musk did not create Tesla Motors, he took it over, in a hostile takeover action, from the actual founders, some of whom sued him for fraud and publicly called him a scam artist.

          The tens of billions of dollars that Musk has received from U.S. taxpayers do not equate to actual costs of operations. Everything that Musk has shown, or sold, could have been produced for much, much less. Non-manipulated forensic accounting seems to make it clear that some of that money is being used for other purposes.

          A number of Tesla’s have suddenly veered over cliffs, killing the drivers, oncoming drivers, pedestrian and bicyclists. Tesla has sought to cover this up, yet homicide lawsuits have now been filed against Tesla for this. Tesla has denied that the car is faulty, yet hundreds of internet user postings, detail numerous defects with the car. Additionally, 60 Minutes and many other news broadcasts have aired demonstrations of how easy it is to hack into, and take over. Tesla is said to be the most hackable car. In fact, around the time, that the Tesla China deal started to fall apart, a Chinese University student team demonstrated a full Tesla takeover by hacking remote control.

          Musk staff were caught sending out email notices, to potential buyers, to put deposits down, before then end of the federal reporting period, so that Musk could book the deposits as “fully paid car purchases” in order to falsify sales volumes so that he could cover that fact that he had sold less cars, after a bigger cash loss, than any car company in history. Tesla investors were asked to buy as many Tesla’s as they could, in order to inflate volumes.

          Musk has “cooked the books” in reporting profits in his federal filings by stating tax credits and taxpayer cash as profits and upside in an effort to manipulate stock valuations

          Over a five year test, the results of all internet-news media covering Elon Musk related stories was analyzed. Whenever negative news appeared about Musk activities, all Google and Kliener Perkins founded web assets would down-rank, or delete, the negative news while immediately pumping PR and hype news about Musk and his projects to hide the negative news. Musk has a financial, political, economic and personal relationship with Kliener Perkins and Google owners. This manipulation of stock valuation perceptions for public stock buyers, based on the use of monopolistic assets in a covert manner is a violation of securities laws and ethics.

          In the Department of Energy original LGP and ATVM filing application documents, which Lachlan Seward thought he had destroyed, the proposed metrics from Tesla Motors, compared with the known history as of today, demonstrate that Tesla missed almost every single milestone, by magnitudes, yet, not only did Steven Chu not cut off their funding, he increased it.

          The Section 136 law says that it was illegal for DOE to fund a car company on the verge of bankruptcy, or whose survival depends on the DOE money. Elon Musk has now been recorded saying that Tesla Motors was on the verge of bankruptcy, preparing massive severance packages for key staff and had no hope for survival without the DOE cash. Federal records demonstrate that Tesla used a temporary Detroit stock swap, arranged by DOE staff and Silicon Valley investors, to temporarily manipulate the numbers in order to create the surface appearance of a momentary positive debt-ratio. In fact, Tesla, of all applicants, had the worst debt ratio of any applicant. Per the 136 law, Tesla should never have been funded. At the time of application, they had no factory building. Their cars were a hundred thousand dollars over budget, per car. They had no engineered design for production. They were facing staff revolts and they already had written warnings about the dangers of their battery systems.

          Musk has ordered his staff and engineers to never discuss or acknowledge the federal documents disclosing that his car batteries, and battery factory, emit cancer-causing, brain-damaging, liver and fetus damaging vapors when they out-gas during afire, explosion or thermal event, threatening firemen, occupants and bystanders.

          Multiple news media have reported that Musk sends spy emails to his employees, under false names, in order to find out who is whistle-blowing on his illicit actions. This has angered many former employees, some of whom have sued Musk. Many of those are willing to testify about Musk illicit actions.

          Internet IP, DNS, bot and dat-pack tracking has confirmed that Elon Musk related groups use automated shill and blogger farms to place large amounts of self-promotion, about Musk on Musk-partner held sites such as Think Progress, Motley Fool, Media Matters, Green Car Reports, Plugin-America, Reddit, and related covert ownerships as well as on all public social media in order to manipulate stock market valuation perceptions.

          Numerous failed marriages, and relationships, have left a trail of unhappy women who have testified, or relayed information to their friends, who have testified, about illicit activities by Musk

          For More, See Detail Document F456-DFH”




p class=”MsoNormal”>One can only ask: Who is Elon Musk and who will hold him accountable for his dark deeds?

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